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Florida Eat Right Scholarships

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Starting the Dietetic Internship Process
Research the schools or programs available:

  • Visit to get a list of all the dietetic internships.
  • Visit Professor Acosta’s or Dr. Gankofskie’s office to look at the folder with information on all the programs and the latest match results.
  • Decide what type of program you are interested in. There are Dietetic Internships or a combined Master’s and Dietetic Internships (MSDI).
  • Once you have decided which programs you are going apply to, stay organized and up to date. For example, visit the University of Florida website to find out information about their open house and application requirements.

Letter of Recommendation Tips:

  • Set up an appointment, in person, to ask the Professor or other contact if they will write your letter of recommendation.  Make the appointment at least a month in advance of the meeting date.
  • Prepare a packet for each letter writer. Be sure to include all necessary materials and submission deadlines for each school/program.
  • Double check your packet before turning it in to the letter writer.
  • Make sure you pick up your letters in a timely manner after the professor or other contact notifies you that they are ready.
  • Write a thank you note to each professor or letter writer showing your appreciation for their time and effort.

 Good Luck!


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